Bed Slat Modification

Last fall we spent a few weekends in our T@B before the snow fell and loved it! Then winter came and Dory (that’s what she’s being called for now) was all tucked in under her winter blanket. Winter gave us a lot of time to think and explore what we could do with Dory. While browsing the Internet I came across a series of YouTube videos by Richard Lewis where he shares some of the modifications he had done to his T@B. We liked some of them so much that we also decided to implement them.

The first of those modifications is to replace the drop-down table with real wood slats for the bed. This just made sense to us because moving the table in and out became a hassle and the space under the table was being wasted; space which would come in handy if Maggie wanted a little more room to spread out. The steps below walk you through what we did to install the slats and you can view Richard Lewis’ original video here.

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