About Us


I am Systems Administrator for a small college in Maine. I’ve has enjoyed the outdoors all my life. Growing up I loved camping and hiking with my family, friends and local Boy Scout troop. For the past few years I have continued to camp from time to time in a tent with Juli and although I enjoy “roughing it” and can sleep almost anywhere, I don’t like sleeping when its really humid (the heat I can deal with if you can believe it!). After seeing the 2010 T@B available for sale I knew that this might just be the key to getting off of the ground, out of the tent and into something a little bit more comfortable. With air conditioning for the extremely humid nights and heat for the cold ones, we should be able to get a lot more outdoor time.

If you have any questions for me, you can contact me at jason@alt-tab-rv.com




Maggie is the wonder dog. She’s a West Highland Terrier with an attitude. Not a bad attitude, mind you, she just knows she’s the queen and believes everyone is coming over to see her. You’ll see her adorn these pages from time to time.

Our T@B

Our T@B is a 2010 Dutchmen trailer. Little is actually known about this specific T@B. We know, from what we’ve learned through Dutchmen, is that the 2010 T@Bs were actually ordered in 2009 and very few were actually made. On top of that, our model has the built-in lavatory, which is even more rare as this is the only year that this specific layout was built.

2010 T@B TST Floor Plan

Through Dutchmen’s customer service and resources on the web we have also learned that the 2010 models were built on the T@da trailer frame which was an all-steel frame with electric breaks and 15″ wheels. So far little else is known but as we uncover more, we will be sure to write about it!