First night in the T@B – September 8, 2012

As soon as we left the RV dealership we headed directly to the Chocorua KOA campground in Tamworth, New Hampshire eager to test out the T@B.  The site we were given was a pull-thru so any backing in problems were averted!

No embarrassing moments backing in! Pull-Thru site!

The T@B is very easy to set up. Using a hand crank we put down the 4 stabilizers and then easily hooked up the power (30/20) to the site panel.

Lowering the back stabilizers

Lowering the front stabilizers.

Hooking up the power.

A nice accessory that came with our T@B is the outside cabana room. It is a tent made by Thermarest specifically for the T@B. We decided to put it up, one to see what it looked like and to make sure all the parts were there and two, because we heard it was supposed to rain that night.

Sliding the tent into the track. One side has rubber that slides into the rail while the other side has a zipper.

Installing the cabana room step 1. The yellow fabric has zippers to zip on the main part of the room.

The tent zipped in. At this point we were scratching our heads as to what to do next. After looking at a picture on line we figured it out.

The cabana room is up! There are 2 flexible aluminum poles that get inserted diagonally and then stakes are used to hold it tight.

It is pretty big! One side and the front have screens while there is a clear circle window on the other side. We decided to not put in the floor but put a tarp down instead.

Jason cooling off after putting up the cabana.

Later that evening, after dinner in nearby North Conway, the weather changed to high winds and a drenching rain that would last throughout the night. I was a little nervous after reading the suggestion that if you were not in a fixed structure, find one. This was the effects of hurricane Isaac that had hit the South earlier in the week. We returned to the campsite and quickly ran into the cabana room.  Although the tent sides shook hard there were no leaks and it completely withstood the high winds. It was very hot and humid so we zipped ourselves in the tent, opened the door to the T@B and turned on the AC!  We turned on the radio and spent the rest of the stormy evening sitting in the cabana listening to A Prairie Home Companion on NPR.

Maggie’s first camping trip.

Weathering the storm.


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