We bought a T@B….

Jason and I bought our T@B after I was so disappointed over not buying this smaller teardrop camper we had seen on the side of the road in Boothbay, Maine (really great for 1 person even though I was determined we both would fit!).

[Jason’s note: No we wouldn’t have!]

The cute little teardrop for 1

My disappointment lead to a 4AM search for used campers where I stumbled on two t@b campers for sale in nearby New Hampshire! That Saturday we went to Rochester, NH where we  immediately fell in love with this cute little Navy & White 2010 T@B TST.

Our T@B waiting to be picked up!

Jason getting a T@B orientation from Dennis who used to sell T@Bs new before they stopped making them in 2010. He mentioned one couple he sold a T@B to bought it just for their 6 cats!He was great at explaining all the features and tips we should know about the T@B.

Leaving with our new T@B



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